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October     Ellis Parker Butler

The forest holds high carnival to-day, 
And every hill-side glows with gold and fire; 
Ivy and sumac dress in colors gay, 
And oak and maple mask in bright attire. 

The hoarded wealth of sober autumn days 
In lavish mood for motley garb is spent, 
And nature for the while at folly plays, 
Knowing the morrow brings a snowy Lent. 

​Upcoming Sunday Service

***Special Musical Service ***

October 11,  11:00am

Twin brothers Joseph and John DeMasi are contemporary folk singers, songwriters and recording artists whose songs are imbued with their Unitarian Universalist beliefs of love, inclusion, tolerance, understanding and worth and dignity for all. With Joseph on guitar and John on guitar and fiddle, the DeMasi Brothers bring a unique musical experience full of wit, humor, intellect and poignanc

Upcoming Events

Mediatation Group


​Skeptics, Seekers, Liberal Religious Thinkers

 Philosophy Discussion Group

Last Wednesday of each month

“Science tells us how to heal and how to kill; it reduces the death rate in retail and then kills us wholesale in war; but only wisdom…can tell us when to heal and when to kill…[B]ecause in these days our means and instruments have multiplied beyond our interpretation and synthesis of ideals and ends, our life is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom.” The Story of Philosophy, p xxvii\

Philosophy is a strong foundation on which to build important personal things such as career, faith, and relationships We will meet to discuss philosopical ideas and they role in life today.

Cafe Bene 

136-82 39th Ave  Flushing 

 NY 11355  (718) 888-0034

We will meet in the back next to the book shelves

Meeting will begin with a short talk led by Michael Ricotta  Philosophy Masters Graduate


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