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 Here find a house of welcoming, Here find vision and hope ,Here be received as you truly are Unique and beautiful ,Your journey acknowledged , Your love honored,          

 Let us rejoice together    

Words by Unitarian Unversalist minister Rev Brugnola

2017Queens Pride Parade

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Queens 147-54 Ash Ave Flushing NY 11355

​718 353-3860

Social Justice Meetings

Third Sunday of the month

Next Meeting Sunday September 17th 12:30pm

"Songs of Resistance and Hope" Sunday, Oct 8 11:00 am

 Music has always played a special part is any movement to bring about change in our world. UU musicians The DeMasi Brothers will share some of their new songs as well as some old favorites that touch upon the issues of our day.

 Joseph and John, the DeMasi Bros. began their folk music career in the folk clubs and coffeehouses in and around New York City where they were born and raised. As part of the 80's folk music revival scene they appeared  and performed regularly at Greenwich Villages famed music club "the Speak Easy" and were   featured performers on the "Fast Folk" music series. They shared the stage with such folk legends as Harry and Tom Chapin, Christine Lavin and Oscar Brand and have appeared regularly on NPR radio.      

In 1992 they joined forces with their lifelong friend Chris Burke, the award winning actor with Down syndrome best known for his starring role as "Corky" on the hit ABC-TV show "Life Goes On" who they met while working as music counselors at a recreation program for children and adults with disabilities. The trio formed a group and went on to sign a major recording contract with BMG/Kidz. They recorded  four CD's for kids and families, one nationally released and their CD titled "Forever Friends" received a Parents Choice Gold Seal for Excellence Award.

They now tour regularly throughout the US and have appeared on many TV shows including "Good Morning America", Crook and Chase" and "Entertainment Tonight". "We've been singing together since the days "says Joseph. "We both started on the violin in the 4th grade". In 1969 at 16 years old they volunteered at a groundbreaking program for kids with disabilities called Camp Anchor. "We worked in the music dept. and taught ourselves guitar to lead sing a longs. We found our voices blended well and Simon and Garfunkel were really popular at the time. We did a lot of their songs" say Joseph. Honing their skills at coffeehouses and wine and cheese places John added some fiddling to the act. Chris Burke was a friend of theirs who they met at Camp Anchor. "He loved our music and came to many of our gigs so it was only natural for us to form a group when he landed the role of "Corky" on the ABC-TV show "Life Goes On". Combining our folk music values with our love of working with people with disabilities was the perfect fit for us" says John "and for 20 years we continued living the dream and traveling the country singing and promoting the message of ability awareness and inclusion for all".

Joseph and John have also been very active in their UU church's as well and have performed at many throughout the country. "We strongly believe in equal rights for all, economic justice and saving the environment AND we believe you should have a fun time doing it! That is why we interject so much humor into our shows. We have to be upbeat" says Joseph," we are  geneticly pre-disposed because our blood type is B positive!" "Music has been great to us" they both agree.  We get to do what we love

and promote what we believe in! "AND we both met our wives at gigs" says John. "How great is that!"