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 Here find a house of welcoming, Here find vision and hope ,Here be received as you truly are Unique and beautiful ,Your journey acknowledged , Your love honored,          

 Let us rejoice together    

Words by Unitarian Unversalist minister Rev Brugnola

What to Expect at our Sunday Services

Rev. Jim Macomber, our half-time UU minister, speaks to us twice each month.  We hear from a great and interesting variety of sources on other Sundays. 

Information about any particular Sunday Service can be found Facebook Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Queens

Meetup UUniquely Queens

Services begin at 11:00am

Greeters will welcome you to our service each Sunday. 

Music is integral to the service. We typically sing at least three hymns.  There is also a musical transition at the beginning of the service. Guest musicians appear as well, with guitars,
violins and other instruments that enhance our Services as only beautiful music can.
Most Sunday Services also include chalice lighting, welcoming words, a time for personal sharing, meditation, and the talk or sermon.   The service usually ends by 12:00.

Orders of Service brochures and hymnals are located on a table at the back of the sanctuary.
Social Hour follows each service.  Please join us for coffee and more conversation on the lower level. Here you can get a glimpse of the various activities of our congregation,  and most importantly, you can get to know our congregants.
Dress is casual or dressy – your choice. Like our faith, it is your personal decision. 

December 3                   Signing Up for the Unexpected”            Tara Bedeau            

So you have done the courageous revolutionary thing and decided to commit to the enlightenment journey of awareness and actualization.  What happens when you discover that what you signed up for includes all the things you did not sign up for? Have you ever encountered the “I DID NOT THINK IT WOULD INCLUDE ‘THIS’?!” part of the journey?  In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season central in American Civic Religion (otherwise known as Christmas), we will take a look at this phenomenon of signing up for the unexpected, and address its role in our commitment to our respective psycho-spiritual journeys (inward focus) and to social justice (outward focus).  (This is the second part of our “Reflections on American Civic Religion” series).

December 10  “Peace on Earth: At What Price?”                             Rev. Dr. Jim Macomber

We think of the December holidays as the season of peace.  Yet Peace on Earth is at best elusive, at worst, a fantasy.  Does peace have a real price?  If so, what is it?  Let us reflect on these questions.


December 17  4:00 p.m.  “Candlelight Service”                               Rev. Dr. Jim Macomber

UUCQ’s Candlelight Service, to be held on Sunday, December 17th at 4:00pm.  The service is filled with music of the season performed by the UUCQ Choir with Music Director Jed Levine, as well as songs sung by the entire congregation.  The last musical selection will involve everyone singing as each person passes a flame from their candle to another, shrinking the winter darkness.  Rev. James Macomber will deliver a message of warmth, joy and renewal that is inclusive of all.