There are many ways to enter into this community.  You can come to worship services at 11am.  You can participate in the choir. (They meet before the service to practice. We can always use more voices.  You'll find our Music Director, Jed Levine to be a wonderful person to work with.  He has lots of creativity.)  You can support our Community Luncheon that is held once a month, free to the community around us that have the most need for a hot meal.  You can attend a Wednesday night discovery and adult learning.  Members of the congregation lead sessions that dive deeper into spiritual and justice questions.  You could join us for a rally.  We do like to attend protests.

We believe that all people have dignity and worth.  No matter your age or race, your religious upbringing, your gender identity, your sexual orientation, your abilities - you are welcome here.  You will find that we are a diverse community that takes pride in that diversity and learning from each other.

Many blessings to you.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


PS.  Please send a email to our office manager, Cara at  She will put you on the email list, so you can find out about the upcoming events.Attachments area