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 Here find a house of welcoming, Here find vision and hope ,Here be received as you truly are Unique and beautiful ,Your journey acknowledged , Your love honored,          

 Let us rejoice together    

Words by Unitarian Unversalist minister Rev Brugnola

The Rev. Dr Jim Macomber.

​Jim has been part of the Unitarian Universalist movement since he was a boy in Ohio. He was a professor of Management at University of Tennessee before entering the seminary, at Vanderbilt University in 1997. Rev. Jim was ordained  in 2001 and has served Unitarian Universalist Congregation, both large and small, in Nashville, TN, Los Alamos, NM, Stony Brook, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Southold, NY.

On My Mind . . .


Ah, the beginnings of autumn are upon us.  The harvest is pretty much all in, and the days are finally cooling off a bit.  Fresh apples and pumpkins in the stores.  We ought to be celebrating another year soon approaching its end.  We ought to be, but I keep thinking about all the troubling news that continues without apparent end.

As I write this, I have just finished a sermon on gun violence and what we ought to be doing about it.  What I did not mention in that sermon is the ongoing, very troubling epidemic of police violence.  At least it very much seems like an epidemic.  Most recently
inTulsa,Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Maybe it will show up yet somewhere else by the time you read this.

And what seems to be the common factor in so many of these police shootings we incessantly hear about?  A black
manisthe victim.  He is most often unarmed.  It feels like the police see these eventual victims as rabid dogs that must be put down.  But you know they are human beings with families and names.  Terence Crutcher.  Keith Lamont Scott.  And, according to the Washington Post, 706 more victims, of all races, this year alone.  So far, that’s more than two per day.

Aren’t some of these justified? 
Of course they are, probably even a majority.  But we keep hearing conflicting eye-witness testimony, and we listen to the inevitable politicization of these incidents.  And we become even more frustrated. 

Maybe it’s always been this way, and smart-phone technology has simply made on-scene pictures and videos more common, accessible.  Actually, I think that it was worse just a few generations ago when Jim Crow reigned.  But there still is racism out there, and it’s not
goingawayany time soon, especially when politicians, both professionals and amateurs, can use these terrible events to their advantage.

We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.  The First Principle.  Let us keep this principle uppermost in our minds as we respond to the troubling news around us, and may we find ways to help make it stop.  Blessed be,         



Rev Jim


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